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Ruth Broadway


registered architect

Ruth Broadway is a creative architect who loves learning new skills.  She received the Henry Adams award as she excelled in school.  By traveling around the United States as well as to the foreign countries of Italy, Greece, France, Germany, and Russia, she has witnessed a wide variety of architectural styles and cultures.  She has since worked in firms designing hospitals, city halls, houses, remodeled libraries, and residential projects.  She thoroughly enjoys the entire process of design from meeting with the clients, pulling the design together, and assembling a good set of construction documents for the contractor to build.  She will communicate her ideas with you and together you will create your perfect design.

When she is enjoying her spare time, her artistic side still shines through.  She enjoys playing the piano and creating art.  Riding her bicycle is a passion and she participates with Pedal the Cause on an annual basis.  She is very active in her local church and with her family and enjoys giving back to the community.


Bachelor's of Architecture from Drury University


Design Development,

Rendering Styles (3D, computer, and artistic)

Construction Documents,

Office Management,

Project Management,

Marketing Materials

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