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Edward M. Stevens


registered architect

Edward Stevens founded his architectural firm in 2003.  He's been active in architecture since 1983 and graduated from Washington University with a Bachelor of Technology in Architecture degree while simultaneously raising and supporting his young family.  He is a Registered Architect with the State of Missouri.  Through his three decades of experience he has developed a high quality standard of drawings and a refined design style.  Edward takes an active hand in running all aspects of the business from initial client contact, through design development, and construction documentation.  

Edward brings inventive thinking and hard work to perfect each project.  His passion lies with residential projects, but he also has the expertise and experience with retail, commercial, and religious facilities to bring your ideas to life.  Prior to being self-employed, Edward worked on numerous different types of new and renovation project types.  These projects varied in type and include a bank, opera house, theater, fitness center and high end office renovations.

Edward's work has been recognized in various publications and with numerous awards.  Awards include the Homearama Peoples' Choice Award and Homearama Best Exterior Design & Elevation Award.  Edward has received well over 25 Homer Awards for various single family homes and villas.

For fun, Edward enjoys spending time with his two daughters and their families.  In his spare time he likes traveling, biking, kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and water and snow skiing.


Bachelor of Technology in Architecture from Washington University


Design Development,

Office Management, Coordination, Artistic Renderings, Project Management, Code Analysis, & Quality Control

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