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Spaces to Relate

In creating homes, two of the main goals are to create spaces of privacy and retreat for individual reflection, but also spaces that encourage interaction and relationships. Large open spaces are becoming more and more popular. Food is often included in gatherings, so spaces of food preparation open to spaces of gathering and eating create an open concept where multiple activities can be occurring while enjoying each others' company.

Outdoor rooms are also a beautiful space to experience the outdoors while creating these relationships. Outdoor spaces can include fireplaces, kitchen areas with grills, under counter refrigerators, wine coolers, barbecue smokers, and bar areas. Fire pits and stone patios create wonderful places for families and friends to gather and memories to happen. You can cover spaces, screen them in, or leave them open. Your ceilings can be finished with a vault or trey ceiling. Exposed stained beams create an elegant style. You can include classical style columns to support a roof structure, or you could have a beautiful open pergola providing interesting shadow shapes throughout the day. You can even open this outdoor space up to the indoors with large sliding doors that slide into a pocket in the wall, eliminating the barrier between indoors and outdoors.

Perhaps you have an unfinished basement. This is a space that can be beautifully finished to create another gathering area. Perhaps you would like a large area for a pool table, a secluded media room, an area for gathering with a kitchenette area that includes an under counter refrigerator, wine cooler, and microwave. To enhance the experience perhaps you desire a trey ceiling with beautiful up-lighting and stone surrounding your beautiful cabinetry. Stepped seating helps everyone to have a good view in an enclosed media room where a projector runs playing your favorite movies.

Creating these beautiful spaces and imagining the families that will enjoy them is very fulfilling. We are looking forward to what 2018 brings and what spaces we will dream up together with our clients.

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